In 1987 MECANIZADOS J. VALVERDE was born, the pioneer in the specialized manufacture of metal parts in Monteagudo (Murcia). It was founded by Juan Valverde with the dream of building a family business in the city of Murcia to satisfy and provide an optical solution to the demand of those companies that need to outsource or subcontract part of their production. Since its creation and year after year of study, work and dedication, the company has been consolidating a wide experience thanks to the large portfolio of clients in various industrial sectors who have relied on our personalized, direct and effective treatment </strong > Mechanized J. Valverde became VALVERDE MANUFACTURING OF METAL PIECES following the essence of the family business that has allowed us to improve day by day and commit to the future seeking the satisfaction of our customers.

Currently, VALVERDE has opened its market open nationally offering the service of manufacturing our metal parts through the purchase online . The progress has been made possible thanks to technologies and cutting-edge machinery specialized in our sector that we have achieved as a result of our trajectory. With 30 years of experience Valverde has the satisfaction to have the facilities, equipment and human equipment suitable to offer, with maximum precision, a wide range of possibilities in metal parts .


Since then our company has not stopped growing in every way, always dedicating exclusively to metal parts manufacturing . Our experience, increased year after year, we have projected our professional team. In addition, we have been evolving and increasing our knowledge in the same way that our facilities have been growing to be able to acquire new machines of last generation more and more determined and adapted for our production processes. Thanks to the group, we have been constantly growing to guarantee the best result to our national and international clients s.


“We all come to the world for a reason to be”

Valverde’s team was born to fulfill its raison d’être and make this world a better place. For this reason, at Valverde, we define ourselves as the specialists in the manufacture of metal parts in a completely customized and flexible way at the service of the client, offering shipments at the national level with tight deadlines.


“Companies also dream”

To achieve a dream we plan and work to achieve it. In Valverde we set short and long-term objectives. Ours is to be the recognized company as a leader in personalized manufacture of metal parts worldwide making shipments in international coverage.


Teamwork means growing together and looking for the same goals . When working as a team, the efforts of the workers are strengthened, the execution time is reduced and the effectiveness of the results increases. In Valverde we look for collaboration among workers, always offering dialogue and constructive criticism </ strong>. We formed and we motivated each member since their incorporation, always taking into account each one their contributions, making them part of the group decisions .


We seek an fair treatment in all our clients because each one is important and is the reason why we are here. Transparency is one of our core values because it triggers relationships based on you creating trust and closeness with our customers, partners and employees. We listen and we empathize with the person in front of us, providing the best solution to your need.


We are a company that adapts to the client to offer the best product and service. We look for closeness with our client always with the maximum respect towards his person. We adapt ourselves in a flexible manner to all your needs.

EXCELLENCE </ strong>

In Valverde Vives we are non-conformist , so we work on the search for perfectionism . We have a great desire to overcome to deliver orders to our customers with the greatest rigor </ strong> and professionalism . That is why we work in a systematic manner and always looking for the creative and enthusiastic side of our work. We manufacture metal parts, fittings and components to satisfy an increasingly demanding public that also seeks excellence in its products. Committed to be the reference and to be recognized as your best supplier in the manufacture of metal parts, also in the service of die-cutting of customized pieces.


“The service is the biggest advantage we offer you”

We distinguish ourselves by offering maximum quality and efficiency with all the services we offer, always from the best close contact with our clients. Because we are a company but, above all, we are people.

  • Advice on materials to be used.
  • Design of fully customized pieces.
  • Budgets without commitment.
  • Affordable prices within the competitive framework.
  • Custom manufacturing of parts under drawing or sketch of the client.
  • Repairs and assemblies.
  • Possibility of sending deliveries of materials at home or company with coverage nationwide within a maximum period of 48 hours.


“The best tools and facilities to offer the best service”

At Valverde we believe that the basis of a company lies in the quality of its infrastructure. Having a technological, safe and quality infrastructure is the main basis to give the fruit of your work. Knowing and getting the most out of our infrastructures results in efficient and quality products.

  • Our company is equipped with large special machinery for the process of developing metal parts.
  • We have special facilities for the manufacture of metal parts.
  • To ensure the highest and best quality of our parts, we have a whole set of cutting-edge machinery.
  • Our machines, like our workers, are prepared for series production for any metallic piece that is requested of us.


“The importance of good work, of a strict work methodology and behavior” </ p>

In Valverde we talk about company policy to all the guidelines that we accept. These guidelines are what motivate Valverde’s general performance standards, always with our values ​​as a maximum.

Establishing policies helps us to know what specific steps we can take at any time that may arise as well as being together with all the decisions we make.

Having a company policy helps us to define broader objectives to specify which company we want to become for our clients.

In Valverde we follow a set of methods and means of work essential for the organization of the company. We work with the most rigorous method to carry out our strict distribution system to achieve the fastest shipping levels in the market.

Logistics is fundamental for a trade. For this reason, in Valverde, we believe in a logistics that includes a set of activities forming a system that links production and markets. Among them, the departments of purchasing, production, transport, storage and distribution to carry out, in perfect guarantees and terms, the orders of our customers.

  • We cut distances thanks to our comprehensive logistics services, both locally and nationally.
  • Our storage logistics facilitates cost savings by ensuring customer needs.
  • We offer the possibility of delivering the orders of our clients to the destination they wish within the peninsular environment.
  • The main objective is to save costs for our customers.
  • We work comprehensively in each production cycle to deliver the most personalized way for our clients.
  • We meet the expectations and needs of our customers by manufacturing metal parts for machinery and industrial equipment always in the price, delivery time, finishes and measurements with the most accuracy and time set before the customer indicated. </li
  • We prevent the risk of injuries and illnesses through physical and safety risks, ensuring the safety and health of all our employees, contractors and visitors of the company.
  • We take care of the environment taking into account the generation of our waste, energy consumption preventing the contamination of soil, water and air in all our possibilities.
  • We are up to date with all the advances for the continuous improvement of our processes and the day of the new non-polluting machines to implement them in our production system.
  • We comply with the requirements of the current legislation applicable in our activity in Safety, Environment and Health at work.
  • We guarantee the adequate state of our facilities and equipment so that they are in correct correspondence with our activity and our short and long term objectives.
  • We propose and establish objectives and goals for the correct and prosperous development of our profession to guarantee our clients the best possible product and service.


In Mecanizados Valverde we seek direct contact with our clients to offer our best possible services in a totally personalized way. We have a contact form, also offer different ways of communication so you can send us your concern, request or problem that may arise through any of the following means you want. Contact us and we will contact you shortly informing you without any commitment.


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